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Omnima Limited :: Automation :: Aviosys IP Power 9258Pro

Aviosys IP Power 9258Pro
Aviosys IP Power 9258Pro 

SKU SKU16164
Price: £301.66 (€ 344.41)
including VAT 20.00% (£50.28)

Mains power lead
IEC cable plug
Universal to IEC plug adapter

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The IP Power 9258DS can be controlled over a TCP/IP network using generic Ethernet or Web browser. Each independent outlet can be switched ON, OFF or Booted (OFF- delay-ON). The IP Power 9258DS can supply up to 2x10A/240VAC Power - 10A per two sets of four socket. The IP Power 9258DS uses international standard IEC 320 inlet/outlet connectors that make it easy to use anywhere in the world. You can select the approprite IEC cables and adapters from the available options on this page.
  • Remotely turn on/off or schedule 8 power 240V outlets, max 2x10A via the Internet
  • LAN/ethernet or RS232 Integrated web server allows control via a web browser Instant or timer based operation
  • Operates as a standalone unit once configured
  • VCT Monitor (Voltage, Current, Temperature) - measures current, voltage and protects controlled devices againts over-currents
  • Dual pole switches - provide extra safety and isolation of connected devices
  • Auto-ping/Watchdog, network Server reboot - can be used to automatically reboot a PC or server at a remote site
  • Integrated four port hub - Easily connect additional IP enbled device to the network
  • Network AC Power Control - can control and turn on/off high power switchs and 220/240V consumer electronic products via Internet,LAN/Ethernet
  • Timer Power Switch - can pre-set the time schedule to turn power on / off remotely
  • Access and monitor the unit using Internet Explorer, Firefox or WAP mobile phone from the GPRS network
  • Control and monitor the switches via RS232 serial port as an alternative
  • Software development kits is provided
  • Webpage (http) Command - allows end-user to easily control the switches remotely
  • Firmware can be automatically updated via the Internet
  • EC320 connector design, 2 male inlet (power in) sockets and 8 female power outlets
  • Uses standard PC/IEC power cords
  • Total power control up to 2x10A/120VAC, 2x7A/250VAC
  • AC Power switch with power On/Off indicator
  • 1 pc Power Status four digit display
  • 8 LED power switch status indicators
  • 1 pc RJ45 port for Ethernet connection
  • 1 pc RS232 port for UART control
  • Dimensions: 440x235x40 mm, lightweight aluminium case
  • Operating Temperature: 0C to +50C; Controller dissipates 5 watts max

IP Power 9258 uses international standard IEC 320 Inlet/Outlet connectors. You can select the cables and plugs that are suitable for your application and country.
  • Option 1: 10A IEC mains lead can be purchased to connect IP Power 9258 to a 220/240V mains power outlet. 2M cable, CE, BS1363/A and KEMA approved. Choice of a 3-pin UK plug or a Schuko Euro plug.
  • Option 2: To connect an appliance to one of the four sockets on IP Power 9258 the IEC cable plug can be used as a replacement for a standard three-pin mains plug. The IEC cable plug is rated at 10A/250V, has a reversable clump to suit various cable sizes, is fitted with pillar terminals, captive contact pins and cover screw. Shurter part number 4322.0000.
  • Option 3: The universal IEC plug adapter can be used to directly plug in a UK, Schuko/Euro or USA type plug into an IEC socket on IP Power 9258.

This product can be used in conjunction with the Omnima Embedded controller SKU16140. The embedded controller can be set up as a DHCP server to connect IP Power to the Internet. The embedded controller can also be programmed to turn the power switches on/off or change the timer settings by using http post/get requests sent to connected IP Power devices.

This product forms a part of the Omnima MEM automation system. To find out more click here:
Omnima Forum - Automation systems


Detailed images
IP Power 9258 PRO
IP Power 9258 PRO - rear connectors
Options: IEC mains power cable (UK or Schuko plug), IEC cable plug, Universal to IEC plug adapter

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