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Omnima Limited :: Electronics :: Gateway controllers :: Embedded controller

Embedded controller
Embedded controller 

SKU SKU16140
Weight 0.20 kg
Price: £23.08 (€ 26.35)
including VAT 20.00% (£3.85)

USB-based mini-distribution
Programming tool
Software development tools
JTAG pinheader
Power supply

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End of Life notice

Embedded Controller v1 was first released in 2007. Due to the limited supply of the ADM5120 SOCs and the availability of updated version 2 hardware with more powerful features this product is gradually being phased out during 2013 and 2014. Embedded Controller v2 is now available and provides additional features such as USB2.0 OTG, WiFi and includes more flash and RAM - see Omnima MiniEMBWiFi for more details.

General purpose controller/gateway embedded solution

Main features
  • Supports Linux or NetBSD
  • Provides Internet/ethernet connectivity and includes an embedded ethernet switch
  • Provides USB host connectivity for WiFi, Bluetooth, Audio and most USB to serial devices
  • Easily connects to i2c periferals
  • GNU tools are provided for compiling your embedded applications
  • It is a cost effective solution

Technical details

  • Infineon ADM5120 based board
  • 12/13 GPIO general purpose I/O ports available
  • 1x UART serial port / programming port
  • 1x JTAG programming/debugging port
  • Pin headers provided for the UART/JTAG connections
  • 2MB Flash / 16MB RAM
  • Size: 180mm x 91mm

Application areas

  • Data logging: Read data via GPIO ports, USB or serial, write data to USB flash or USB hard disk
  • Gateway controller: Connect IP devices such as computers, IP cameras, IP timers/switches to the Internet, include DHCP server capability. Monitor or send commands to any of the connected IP devices
  • Education: Cost-effective plug and play OpenWrt Squidge Linux running Java VM, mini-Python and other standard OpenWrt packages, simple to setup and use Virtual Machine based SDK.

Add-on options (select above)

  • USB based mini-distribution: USB root fs on a 4GB USB flash
    No programming is required. The embedded contoller will boot directly from the USB flash disk and run Java VM, Python-mini, LUA, WGET and many other standard OpenWrt packages. This ships on a 4GB flash drive as standard.
  • Programming tool: USB to UART/serial cable
    To reprogram this board you can now purchase a USB to UART adapter which includes a socket that connects directly to the serial pinheader on this controller.
  • Software development tools: EMBDev Slackware 13 based virtual machine
    - Contains all essential development tools: KDevelop IDE, visual diff tool, file Hex viewer/editor
    - Embedded Controller related tools: upload script, usb root format script, package selection
    - Pre-installed USB root fs build tools
    - Includes Embedded Controller documentation
  • JTAG debugging: PCB with the soldered JTAG pinheader
    Connecting to the JTAG pinheader is useful when debugging Linux kernel issues. If this option is selected the controller board will be provided with the JTAG pinheader soldered on the board.
  • Power supply adapter: 12V 500mA power supply
    Power supply adapter can be included as an option. The outlet plug on this adapter connects directly to the embedded controller power socket.
  • Case: Compact plastic case
    Compact plastic case dimensions: 188mm(L)x100mm(W)x28mm(H)
    Metal case dimensions: 305mm (L) x 130mm (D) x 80mm (H)
    See our forum for more information about this enclosure.

To find out more about this product click here:
Omnima Forum - Embedded

For information on the supported development tools see:

For volume orders and trade enquiries please send an email to info@omnima.co.uk


Detailed images
Embedded controller board
Embedded controller board on the base of the compact case
Embedded controller compact case

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